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What is included with each version?

The DIY versions of our invitations include all the card, paper and embellishments you need to make the invitations as pictured. They also include full instructions for how to make the invitations. Generally speaking, but allowing for variances between different invitations, our DIY kits include the following:
  • A4 sheets of card and/or paper for printing. 1 sheet per 1-4 invitations, depending upon design.
  • Die cut or laser cut base cards, sleeves or pockets where required by the design.
  • Ribbon, raffia twine or lace in rolls or packs where required by the design.
  • Other embellishments as required by the design in packs or sheets.
  • Mailing envelopes or boxes as chosen.

The semi-DIY versions of our invitations include all the DIY items except that the layout, printing and cutting of all card and paper is done for you. They also include full instructions for how to finish constructing the invitations. Generally speaking, but allowing for variances between different invitations, our semi-DIY kits include the following:
  • Graphic design and layout of printed details including electronic (PDF) proofs.
  • Cards or papers cut to size and printed with your chosen details and images where required.
  • Die cut, laser cut or guillotine cut base cards, sleeves or pockets where required by the design.
  • Ribbon, raffia twine or lace in rolls or packs where required by the design.
  • Other embellishments as required by the design in packs or sheets.
  • Mailing envelopes or boxes as chosen.

Optional: Personalisation of invitations and envelopes with names and/or addresses.

The Made by Tango versions of our invitations include everything. You get completed invitations that are ready to be put in the envelopes* and sent or handed out. Optional guest name personalisation means that if you want to save time and effort by getting us to print your guest's names, you can. Or if you'd prefer to hand write the names yourself for a more personal touch, you can do that too!
  • Designed, printed, cut and fully assembled cards.
  • Mailing envelopes or boxes as chosen.

Optional: Personalisation of invitations and envelopes with names and/or addresses.

We always recommend that a few extra invitations be purchased to allow for the 'just in case' factor. You never know what can happen that may cause you to need a spare invitation or two and the cost of getting these extras printed separately can be high. This is more important when purchasing the DIY or semi-DIY packs, so as to allow for errors in constructing.
* Most invitations come with mailing envelopes included, however some may include mailing boxes as part of their design or options. In most cases when boxes are used, the invitations will arrive already packed in the boxes.

How do I order samples?

When it comes to samples, we find that most people are wanting to check the quality of the product and work, before they make a complete purchase. To that end, you may order a single unit of any of our invitations as a sample and pay the unit price, plus shipping.
Alternatively, we offer a sample pack, where you can order three samples, with shipping included for a flat cost (excludes scrolls, fans and fabric invitations). You will find this on most of the invitation category pages (eg. Invitations by Theme - Beach).
When you purchase samples using the above methods, your sample will be non-personalised. That means that your details will not be printed on the invitation or other items. We will try to use your choice of colours, ribbons and other accessories where possible.
In the case of scrolls, fans and silk boxes, we have only a limited number of items available for samples, so we will only be able to send what we have. Please contact us prior to ordering a sample if you want to check what is available.
If you want a fully personalised sample, we can also do that for you. For most items the cost will be that of a single invitation (or pack, including RSVP, etc) plus shipping, plus $35.00 to cover the time it takes to layout your text etc. Scrolls, fans and silk boxes will be considerably more and start at $99.00.
The reason we charge more for customised samples, is to cover the extra time and cost of producing a fully personalised sample.

How do I order a complete job?

The number one thing here is, "Don't worry about making a mistake!" We're flexible. If you're ordering invitations or other items that need to be made, we'll contact you several times, including emailing proofs, before you'll receive your finished product. So if you choose the wrong option, or haven't provided enough detail when you place your order, there will be time and opportunity to get it right.

1- Choosing your invitation and/or other item/s:
The first thing you need to do is to choose your stationery from our store. You can browse inside each set and add products to your shopping bag. Most products will have a series of drop down menus where you can choose different options for your invitations or other items, including whether you want a DIY pack, fully made (Made by Tango) or semi-DIY version. If you need help, please call us , or just place the order and we'll sort out the details later. (Remember, we're flexible, so don't worry.)

2- Choosing your wording and font:
It's easiest just to email us the text for the wording later. We have hundreds of fonts available, so what we show here is only a fraction of what is possible. We can guide you to choose something suitable or if there are specific fonts you'd like, we can usually accomodate.

3- Personalising your stationery:
If you want us to print your guests' names and/or addresses we also put a link on each invitation product page, so you can order the personalisation add-on you need as a separate product. Again, don't worry if you make a mistake, we can always add this in later. Please note that the prices for personalisation are for the order, not a per item charge.

4- Checking out and finalising the order:
Once you have everything you need in your bag, you can 'check out'. By pressing the 'check out' button, you will be taken to the order form page. To enter your name and delivery address (please always use an address where someone can sign for the order), contact details and chosen payment method.
When complete, click the 'submit' button. Depending upon your payment choice, you'll be directed to the secure payment system (for Card or PayPal payments) or you'll be simply asked to confirm your order.

5- Confirmation of the order:
You will receive a confirmation email generated by the web site. We may also contact you via email or phone to check details that may have been omitted or you were unable to supply at the time of ordering. We will remain in contact with you as often as is necessary, until your order has been completed and successfully delivered.

6- Changes to orders:
As mentioned, we are flexible and will always try to accommodate changes to your order, including variations in numbers (within our minimum order policies), design changes or other changes that may be required.
Once you have approved your job for printing, we are unlikely to be able to accept changes. Remember though, that we will have been in contact on several occasions before printing takes place, so you will have time and opportunity to ensure that all is correct.
7- Timing:
For orders that need to be made, such as 'Made by Tango' invitations, allow 2 weeks from the day you approve you proof/s. If you need them quicker, please choose the 'Rush Fee' and we will prioritise your order and engage reliable temporary staff to get the job done.

Can you print in languages other than English?

Mariana is bi-lingual and as such can set-up texts proficiently in both English and Spanish. For other languages, it would be best to contact us to make sure that we have the necessary fonts and you will be required to provide all texts to be printed.
We have printed wedding invitations in Arabic, Croatian, Serbian, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Greek & Portuguese. In these instances, you will need to email us the text as you want it layed out, since we will only be able to do adjustments such as changing font size, line justification, bolding and changing text colour.

What should I know about handmade papers?

Our invitations and stationery use only the finest materials and with great attention to detail are finished to the highest standard. Due to the manufacturing process, handmade papers may vary from sheet to sheet and from batch to batch.
Handmade papers of all types will show slight variations in colour, density and weight within different production runs. By organising all your stationery in one order, you'll avoid differences in paper batches.

How many invitations do I order?

It is very rare for you to need the same number of invitations as guests, since there are usually couples and families. By organising your guest list with couples and families, you can get an accurate count. As a general rule you may need about half the number of invitations as guests, plus about 10%. So for 50 guests, you may need about 30 invitations.
It's a good idea to order extra invitations (without guest names) to avoid having to meet minimum numbers for reorders when presented with the myriad of situations that sometimes occur (sister, brother or close friend breaks up with partner, etc).
Re-printing short runs is very expensive. If you do need extras and do not want to purchase the minimum amount, you will need to contact us for a price. The website prices are only for orders that meet the minimum number.
Remember, we are flexible and you can adjust the numbers of each product in your order up until the proof/s are approved if needed.

Can I order less than the minimum?

Yes. You will need to contact us first for a quote though. We are happy to do smaller orders, however the price per unit will be higher than that shown on the website, since it can take almost as much time and effort to make ten invitations as it does 25.